Choo choo 🚂

Without much sleep and feeling a bit down I have left Münster on my way to Trier. I somehow managed to do the dishes, pack my bags and “attend” a lecture via Zoom. The last one before the exam next week. So nothing much of substance this time. But the professor showcased some interesting ethical dilemmas with A.I., if only very briefly.

A cold shower, some coffee and Ritalin did the job! (Mostly I was my amazing boyfriend that went through the entire apartment and collected all my things!) My mom’s train was a no show and so she will arrive in Koblenz about 2 hours late. That’s the German railway for ya. I am luckily sitting in my reserved seat and on-time. I would’ve had a quick look around Koblenz if I wasn’t totally overloaded with stuff. But that’s on me. Moving a household bit by bit via the train has that effect.

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